installation design

Looking at the history of Artis until now, the size of the animal shelters have always been a reflection on how we look towards the well being of animalsThe old predators gallery of Artis plays a role in this comparison. Especially looking at the fact it used to be the biggest attraction for visitors. With predators, a male and female of every kind, in cages so small, it wouldn't be accepted in this era. Looking at their vision now, the focus is more towards the humane treatment of the animals, giving them as much space as possible. A reason to breakdown the old predators house, to create more space for the animals throughout the park. Resulting in only a part of the carcass which is still standing. By visualizing the old walls of the predators gallery, I want to make the visitors reflect on our development towards the treatment of animals. Remind them to always question standards and inspire ongoing empathy in the spaces that nurture life.

Part of art = artis in collaboration with ARTIS and MOAM
1110 x 415 x 350 cm


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Het Parool

in collaboration with

MOAM Amsterdam