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Club lam (2018) is an all female theater collective from Utrecht, The Netherlands. With a fresh look and own written script, they try to disrupt assumptions about gender roles in search of a different feminine mindset.

As two cleaning ladies (Politiek Wanhoop, 2018) to the insta-famous Marie Antoinette (Let Them Eat Cake, 2019) and a Mary Magdalene with millennial issues (Die Already 2020).

Die Already is about three women standing at the foot of a hill with a hangover, waiting for the young man on the cross to finally die. In Die Already, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and St. Johannah speak up. They went down in history as the mother, the whore and the housewife. Club Lam believes it is time for an update, time for a new female perspective.



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Club Lam
Vivian Camphuijsen